Michie Tomizawa
美智恵 富沢
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Michie Tomizawa

Michie Tomizawa (富沢 美智恵 (formerly 富澤 美智江, Tomizawa Michie?, born October 20, 1961) is a veteran seiyū born in Nagano and raised in Takasaki, Gunma. She is most known for the roles of Matsuzaka-Sensei (Crayon Shin-chan), Rei Hino/Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon), Sumire Kanzaki (Sakura Wars) and Emi Ogasawara (Ghost Sweeper Mikami). Her most recent roles were as OL in 1999's Ebichu, a collaboration with fellow Sailor Moon alumna Mitsuishi Kotono, and Roberta in 2006's Black Lagoon; since then she appears to have retired from voice acting after getting married in 2002. She came out of retirement briefly for 2004's Disgaea and 2006's Black Lagoon. She also appeared in a number of Musical Kayou Shows as her Sakura Taisen character Sumire; she retired from the annual performances after getting married but came back for the 2005 show and the final show in 2006.

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