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Minagi Tohno

This is a list of characters from the Japanese visual novel, manga, and anime series Air. The main protagonist of the story is Yukito Kunisaki, a wandering showman traveling across Japan in order to find the "girl in the sky". He has a straightforward attitude about life, and is determined to finish the journey he and his mother traveled together before she died. There are three heroines in the story, starting with Misuzu Kamio, who is the main heroine. Misuzu is an immature high school girl who approaches Yukito after they first meet about him becoming her friend so they could play together. She often has dreams about flying in the sky, and loves to gaze into the sky at sunset at the beach. The second heroine is Kano Kirishima, a girl Misuzu's age who goes to the same school, but is in a different class. She has a yellow ribbon tied to her right wrist and was told when she was younger that after she grows up, she will be able to remove the ribbon and will have to power to use magic. The third heroine is a quiet girl named Minagi Tohno, who is in the same class as Misuzu. She loves astronomy, and hangs out with her younger friend Michiru constantly.

Supporting characters in the story help to further along the plot of the three heroines. They include Haruko Kamio, Misuzu's aunt and legal guardian, who Misuzu refers to as her mother despite Haruko actually being the sister of Misuzu's real mother. She has found it difficult raising Misuzu, and tends to distance herself from Misuzu for personal reasons. Hijiri Kirishima is Kano's supporting character, and is her older sister. Hijiri runs the local medical clinic in town and looks after her sister like a mother after their parents died. The last supporting character is Michiru, a playful girl younger than Minagi who plays with her often. Michiru usually gets in disagreements with Yukito, and follows Minagi around like a younger sister.

When the story enters the Summer arc in the story, three more characters are introduced that live in the feudal era in Japan, one thousand years before Air's story begins. The first is Kannabi no Mikoto, or simply Kanna, who is a young female winged being, and is believed to be the last of her kind. Due to humans fearing her powers, she has remained in captivity all her life, though has been cared for like a princess. One of Kanna's samurai guards is named Ryūya who eventually enables Kanna to escape her captors in order to go on a journey to find her mother. Kanna and Ryūya are accompanied by Uraha, one of Kanna's servants, who is also skilled in magical arts.

There are two other minor characters who are animals. The first is Potato, an odd stray dog who is usually seen around Kano, and Kano considers the dog her friend. The other animal is a crow named Sora who Misuzu meets and takes in as a pet during the Air arc in the story.

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