Minami Iwasaki
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Minami Iwasaki

Minami Iwasaki (岩崎 みなみ, Iwasaki Minami) comes from a wealthy family, and she lives across the street from Miyuki Takara. She owns a very large white dog and has a parasol in her yard. Her hobbies include reading books, playing the piano, and playing with her dog, Cherry. A very quiet girl (usually speaking in as few words as possible) who does not show much emotion, Minami is is often mistaken for being cold, but she is very kind at heart. However, many jokes arise when her seemingly "perfect and sleek" appearance is contradicted, such as when Miyuki's mother notices Minami teaching Cherry how to stand on his hind legs by mimicking the position herself; Minami often blushes heavily and stares at the floor in response to such teasing. She was admitted to Ryōō Gakuen High School, along with Yutaka Kobayakawa, whom she met during the admissions exam; afterwards, she helped Yutaka go to the nurse's office when she became sick. Once there, she gave Yutaka her handkerchief, which started their friendship. She and Yutaka are in the same class, and Minami is the class health officer.

Minami has short, mint-green hair and her eyes are slightly slanted upward, giving them a 'sharp' appearance similar to that of Kagami's. She is very slender and quite tall for her age, yet she worries about her small chest size, which Konata frequently comments on. Due to her short hair and lean body structure, Minami has a tendency to look more androgynous than the other Lucky Star characters (a reason that Hiyori Tamura often pairs her and Yutaka as yuri models). She gets along with Miyuki, since they have similar tastes and are from the same neighborhood; Minami has often been compared to being Miyuki's "little sister" due to Minami's clingy attraction to her neighbor from when they were younger.

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