Minatsu Shiina
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Minatsu Shiina

Junior - Sugisaki’s classmate. An all-around athlete, boyishand super hot-blooded. Popular not only among boys but also among girls. She always treats Sugisaki coldly, never showing her affection toward or interest in him. An authentically self-disciplined cool beauty.
Extended Information
Minatsu Shiina is a tsun-dere tomboy who is the vice president in the student council, and gets angry quickly. She is popular among the other girls at school. She's more dere-dere than tsun-tsun, though. She is athletic, good at schoolwork and she even had a bit of "Yuri Taste" to her. Her little sister is Mafuyu Shiina, and she is very protective of her and makes sure no one can hurt her. She is suggested to have feelings for Ken?