Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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Najihara Ink is a clumsy high school girl with an appearance of a grade schooler. She's one of the best students in the school, and the absolute best in English. Ink has a crush on one of the boys in her class - Nao Tesuka, but she's too much shy to tell him how she feels about him. One day, Ink's world turns upside-down when she meets Arcs Sheldart Elbayas, a mage who's been banned from the magic realm and sent into the human world in the form of a duck. By accident, Ink and Arcs meet. Afterwards, he gives Ink a magical cell phone that transforms her to Pastel Ink. Now Ink must help all those who are in need. She uses her disguise to approach Nao-kun and help him study English. Soon Arcs arch enemy, Karks, shows up in the form of an cat and makes Ink's friend, Sumi-chan, able to transform too. However, they're not the only magical girls there. One particularly mysterious one has a grudge against Arcs and tries to do everything to stop him from doing good deeds.

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Ah-kun (lead)Masaya Onosaka
Alice Shiratori (lead)Kaori Nazuka
Ink Nijihara (lead)Yukari Tamura
Ka-kun (lead)Nobuyuki Hiyama
Sumi Kuroi (lead)Haruka Tomatsu
DandyJouji Nakata
Mio TezukaEri Nakao
RurikoRika Morinaga