Mogari no Mori - Movie
Tags: jmovie, drama
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
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Mogari no Mori - Movie

The Forest of Mogari
The Mourning Forest

The film tells the story of a nurse (played by Machiko Ono) who is grieving for her dead child. She works at a nursing home and grows close to an elderly man (Shigeki Uda) suffering from dementia who is searching in the local forest for something connected to his dead wife that he cannot explain. The two wind up stranded in a forest where they embark on an exhausting and enlightening two-day journey.

Yoichiro Saito - Machiko's husband
Kanako Masuda - Mako
Machiko Ono - Machiko
Shigeki Uda - Shigeki
Makiko Watanabe - Wakako
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