Mokona Modoki
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Mokona Modoki

Mokona Modoki (モコナ=モドキ, Mokona Modoki?) is the name given to the two rabbit-like creatures from CLAMP's sister series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic (Also appearing in one of their earlier works, Magic Knight Rayearth). The name Mokona Modoki (or simply Mokona) refers to any or both characters, as they are never called by their real names. The Black Mokona’s real name is Larg (ラーグ, Rāgu?), while the White Mokona’s real name is Soel (ソエル, Soeru?). However, the Mokonas always refer to themselves in the third person.

In the Japanese versions of both Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic, Mika Kikuchi provides the voices of the two Mokonas. In English, Mokona are voiced by Carrie Savage.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]The Mokona Modokis were created by Yuko Ichihara and Clow Reed. The white mokona travels with Syaoran and the group, while the black mokona stays in Yuko's shop. The white Mokona, whose real name is Soel, is given to Syaoran's group by Yuko in exchange for their most-valued possessions. He has many abilities, including traveling to different worlds, teleporting objects from one world to another, sensing strong auras, and allowing people from other worlds to communicate. He also prides himself on his "108 Secret Skills" that include things like voice imitation,and dramatic perfomance.

With the help of the black Mokona, the white Mokona is able to stay in contact with Yūko, though he also speaks to the black Mokona during their dreams.

Mokona is responsible for locating Sakura’s feathers, and whenever one is around, it goes "mekkyon" for an instant, which alerts the others. Mokona is a very cheerful, optimistic and energetic being, and loves to tease Kurogane, who occasionally uses violence to get back at him. He has a red earring, which is used to enhance magical power. It is used to help Kurogane and Fai escape the closing Celece Country.