Momo (The Monkey)
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Momo (The Monkey)

Momo is shy; this is because while she was alive as a monkey, she was too outgoing and too curious and these traits made her lose her tail and got her electrocuted; now she is a Technaphobe. It is also noted, especially by Nana and Ruru that Momo had a crush on a boy from the neighborhood, called Daisuke, who too had a crush on her. Strangely, her monkey form greatly resembles a tarsier. Her names means peach. Her color image is brown.
Her hairstyle represents a monkey's tail. In season 2 she develops feelings for Goro. She is in the Junior rank. (Intermediate rank in season 2).
Momo is a shy girl that often goes with the flow with anything she is involved with. This is the reason why she can barely express what is on her mind, However she gradually develops courage and self confidence to trust in herself making her able to express her own feelings for Goro Mutsumi.
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