Mon Colle Knights
Alternative Names:

Saban Tengai Monkore Knights

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2000
Air Date: Jan 10, 2000 to Dec 25, 2000
Episodes: 46
Type: Series
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Mon Colle Knights

  • EternalUlysses
    Can't find the original subbed version anywhere. I hear the dubbed version was ridiculous and shoehorned the moral lessons into Saban's narrow worldview. I would LOVE to see the subbed, along with the first four Digimon Series.
  • hooded-wanderer
    I will definitely love to see this show be on Crunchy Roll.
  • sakuragurl0635
    i used to watch this anime on tv wheni was wayyounger and i forgot about it ...till to day i remembered it took alot of searching but i found it!...ugh too bad i cant find any episodes !!!!!!*tear* plz message me if you find them PLZ
  • k24601
    it's a shame this anime and similar ones (such as time detective flint) isn't more's got some neat stuff in it
  • blue-marine
    if anyone knows where to find all episodes online please message me
  • bakabeener
    I agree with Melin yu. I know also that this show has aired on mexican cable some time back.
  • Meilin_Yu
    aww man i was looking for this show >.< it brings back memories when i was little lol xD i used to watch the english dubbed version on Fox Box.... anyways does anyone know where i can find this anime D=?