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Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

Moondoggie (ムーンドギー, Mūndogī) is the second-newest member of the Gekkostate (the newest being Renton). In the beginning, he was in charge of the LFO catapult systems and launch pads on board the Gekko, but later he becomes the head pilot, replacing Talho when she has to leave the post, as he is the group's only other licensed pilot. His pilot's license, seen in episode 34, lists his name as James Darren Emerson. His nickname is frequently shortened to "Doggie" by other members of Gekkostate, and Renton sometimes calls him "Doggie-niisan" ("Brother Doggie" in the English dub), referring to Moondoggie as his older brother. In the Japanese version, Moondoggie speaks in a strong Kumamoto accent whenever he gets overly emotional. In the English version, he occasionally talks in surfer lingo. Moondoggie's role was minimal towards the end of the series; he would generally only be featured piloting Gekko, often making dramatic maneuvers to avoid attacks.

As one of the youngest members of Gekkostate, Moondoggie often has confidence issues when comparing himself to the other members of Gekkostate. Even though he presents himself as someone that dislikes Renton, he's just really jealous of him and holds no real malice. He eventually explains that he initially felt he couldn't offer much to the Gekkostate, and often is bothered by the idea that he's useless. After he and Renton patch things up, despite Moondoggie's protests, they become sort of like brothers. For a short while he even displays resentment at the fact that Holland's actions caused Renton to briefly leave the Gekko and instead of Holland making the solving the problem he sulks around feeling jealous of Renton. The chance to pilot the Gekko later on allows him to rediscover his usefulness. It's obvious that Gidget loves Moondoggie, but whether he loves her is somewhat unclear. The official US website says he has a crush on Gidget. In episode 16, the two had a small moment. In volume 3 of the manga, when Renton inquires about the bandages wrapped around his hand, Moondoggie states that "...I at least want to protect the girl I love," referring to Gidget.

Throughout the series, Moondoggie is one of the few crew members who is curious about Renton's relationship with Eureka. While talking amongst the other Gekkostate members, he even ponders if Renton and Eureka are capable of having sexual intercourse, under the mistaken impression that their troubles at the time were because of that. In episode 38, Moondoggie and Matthieu decide to help Renton to this end by giving Renton a stack of dating magazines against Renton's will. Holland comes to the same conclusion due to a comment of Eureka's ("Maybe that is why Renton was so aggressive; maybe Renton really wants to become a dad himself") and subsequently beats the three for what he believes Renton did to Eureka. The situation is cleared up after the fact.

In TR1: The New Wave, Moondoggie makes an appearance as a boy a little younger than Renton. He is involved in a dispute with the main character Sumner Sturgeon over Holland's defection from the military as well as a small incident in which Moondoggie's carrier-truck was (slightly) damaged during a search conducted by Sumner. In the same game, he showed the ability to operate an LFO with at least some skill. However, he needed Sumner's help just to destroy one enemy unit, which is probably why he decided not to be an LFO pilot after joining the Gekkostate.

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