Motoki Furuhata
Andrew Hansford
Andrew Foreman
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Motoki Furuhata

Motoki Furuhata (古幡元基, Furuhata Motoki), known as Andrew Hansford in the English dub, works at the Crown Game Center, a video arcade Usagi frequently visits. In A Scout is Born, an adaptation of the first anime three episodes by Stuart J. Levy, he is called Andrew Foreman.

In the anime, Usagi calls him Motoki-oniisan and has a very big crush on him in the beginning of the series. He is also friends with Mamoru Chiba, who attends the same college he does, Azabu Institute of Technology. His girlfriend is Reika, a wonderful science student. He has a little sister, Unazuki, who is also friends with Usagi and the others.

In the manga, Motoki holds part-time jobs at both the Crown Game Center and the Crown Fruit Parlor. He attends KO University. In the first arc of the manga, he recognizes the Senshi and learns their true identities, but promises not to tell anyone.

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Motoki first appears in Act 2, but his name is not given until Act 7. Crown Center is a karaoke parlor rather than a video arcade, and he spends much of his time obsessing over his pet turtle, Kamekichi. He initially goes on a triple-date with Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and his two friends from college, one of which is Mamoru. He and Usagi become separated in a maze, but he suffers from a claustrophobic faint and is rescued by Makoto Kino. After Makoto gives him a scarf that she had knitted for a school project, there is a recurring flirtatious relationship between the two.

Makoto and Motoki's relationship eventually becomes a bit more serious. They eventually go out on a date, but Makoto pushes him away from her, stating that she must always be alone because it is her destiny. Eventually there is a situation where youma are attacking the city and Makoto has to transform into Sailor Jupiter in front of Motoki, revealing her secret identity to him. Their connection grows stronger from this, and he buys her a small turtle, a good luck charm to protect her while she's fighting.

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