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Myoga (冥加, Myōga) is a flea demon who appears randomly and gives InuYasha information on current events, foes, and the shards of the Jewel of Four Souls. He was originally charged with protecting the grave of InuYasha's father, where the Tetsusaiga was hidden. However, he fled when Sesshomaru came to the grave in search of the sword. Myoga also enjoys drinking demon blood, and actually saves InuYasha's life at one point by drinking the venom from a spider demon out of his blood. He often gets slapped by InuYasha and others because he drinks their blood without permission.

Myoga often flees before or during a battle, and the others have recognized as a sign of pending danger. Anywhere he is around is considered a safe area. In the anime series, he is engaged to another flea demon named Shoga, though he continually runs from her to avoid the marriage. He is voiced by Kenichi Ogata in the original Japanese series, and by Paul Dobson in the English dub.

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