Nagi Sanzenin
Last Name: Sanzen'in
First Name: Nagi
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Nagi Sanzenin

The sole heir to the Sanzen’in fortune and Hayate’s “savior” of sorts, Nagi took in Hayate as her personal butler mostly because she’s quite smitten with him. Because of her family’s mass fortune she was often the target of kidnappings in her younger year, which ultimately resulted in her lack of social skills and current lifestyle as a sheltered otaku.

As a young girl who has yet to reach adulthood Nagi is rather brash and immature, but at the same time is surprisingly intelligent and caring when she wants to be. Don’t let her rich upbringing fool you since she’s nothing like the well mannered fortune heiress you’d expect her to be, constantly making unreasonable demands and abusing her servants. Ever since she was allowed to attend high school, many of Nagi’s exploits involve adjusting to a new social life as well as figuring out ways to win Hayate’s heart. Too bad Hayate’s as thick as a brick and only sees her as a friend.
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