Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2006
Air Date: Apr 5, 2006 to Mar 27, 2007
Episodes: 47
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Nana Komatsu
By Midori Kawana
Type: Series
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One winter evening, Komatsu Nana happens to sit next to Osaki Nana on a train bound for Tokyo. Komatsu Nana goes to seek out her boyfriend and a new life in the city, while Osaki Nana goes to pursue a career in music. They soon become friends after finding out they had the same names and through getting to know one another. Coincidentally, during their search for an apartment, they meet again and begin to live together.

Komatsu Nana begins her new life in Tokyo with assistance from her boyfriend, Shoji, and her friends Junko and Kyosuke. Osaki Nana aims for a stage debut as the vocalist of a punk rock group, “Blast”.

Both girls are polar opposites of each other; while Komatsu Nana has a gentle, innocent nature, Osaki Nana keeps a calm, cool attitude. The story of NANA chronicles their trials and triumphs in their developing friendship.
Extended Information

Nana has been adapted into an anime series, directed by Morio Asaka and animated by the studio Madhouse. The first opening and third ending songs are sung by Anna Tsuchiya for the band Black Stones, and Olivia sings the second opening and first and second endings for the band Trapnest as Reira Serizawa. The first DVD release was on 2006-07-07. The anime series was intended to be equal to the manga and it was adapted until the 12th tankoubon to avoid original anime fillers. According to Junko Koseki (editor of Nana in Shueisha) and Masao Maruyama (president of Madhouse) a second season is probably going to be aired once the manga series is finished.

Theme songs

"Rose" by Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones)
"Wish" by Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest)
"Lucy" by Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones)

"A Little Pain" by Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest)
"Starless Night" by Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest)
"Kuroi Namida" (黒い涙) by Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones)
"Winter Sleep" by Olivia inspired by Reira (Trapnest)
"Stand by Me" by Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones)

CD releases

As with the film Nana, the anime helped promote two artists, Olivia and Anna Tsuchiya. In addition to their respective singles, there have also been several albums released for the anime. These releases did not fare as well as the film-related releases.

Olivia inspired by Reira (Trapnest) - "Olivia inspired by Reira (Trapnest)" (February 28, 2007) (#22)
Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones) - "Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones)" (February 28, 2007) (#16)
Anna Tsuchiya inspired by Nana (Black Stones) / Olivia inspired by Reira (Trapnest) - "Nana Best" (March 21, 2007)
There are currently two soundtracks for the anime series - Nana 707 soundtracks and Nana 7to8 soundtrack. Nana 707 is literally a soundtrack. It consists of 44 tracks, 43 of which are background music heard in the series. Track 44 is a song.

Two versions of Nana 707 were released - a limited edition which comes in the form of a hardcover book containing stills from the series plus 7 postcards, and a regular version.

A special compilation album featuring the combined works of Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia titled Nana Best was released on March 21, 2007. This album consists of the 14 songs that are featured in the anime. The first press limited edition version comes in deluxe packaging with a DVD featuring special Nana video material.

Nana Komatsu (lead)Midori Kawana