Naomi Misora
Maki Shoko
南空 ナオミ
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Naomi Misora

Voiced by: Naoko Matsui (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English)

Nicole Oliver (Movie dub) Naomi Misora (南空 ナオミ, Misora Naomi) is the fiancée of Raye Penber. Described by How to Read as formerly a "first rate" FBI agent, Naomi left the Bureau in October of 2003 for the sake of starting a family in the United States. After the sudden death of her fiancé which she blames Kira for, Naomi, described by How to Read as having a "remarkable investigative ability," decides to take part in the Kira case herself. In her attempts to contact the Kira investigation team she comes across Light Yagami. Cautious at first, she uses the false name Shoko Maki (間木 照子, Maki Shōko) in order to protect herself until she can reach L. However, Light manages to manipulate her into revealing her real name to him resulting in her death by suicide. Her body is never found due to the specifications made by Light in the Death Note.

In the live-action films her character, played by Asaka Seto, plays a larger role in the story. After witnessing her fiancé die at the hands of Kira, an enraged Naomi decides to investigate the case herself. Beginning with Light as her prime suspect she uses Shiori to get to him. Using the alias Shoko Maki to protect herself and with a strong belief that Light is Kira, she tries to make him confess that he is. However, her real name is uncovered by Light through the wedding documents held by the church where she and Raye had planned to marry. Naomi's fate ends in a similar manner to the anime and manga as she is forced to commit suicide, the only exception being she takes the life of Shiori before doing so. Her character also makes a brief appearance in L: Change the WorLd.

For the production and filming of the movie, Seto stated that she "tried to project that awesome spirit" of Naomi, referring to the character's tenacity and drive while trying to defeat Kira.

Naomi is one of the central characters in the spinoff novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by author Nisio Isin. The story is set several years prior to the start of Death Note and focuses on a series of murder cases investigated by L with Naomi as his operative. The resulting capture of the murderer helped launch Naomi's reputation within the FBI.

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