Naru Osaka
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Naru Osaka

Naru Osaka (大阪なる, Ōsaka Naru), or Molly Baker in the dub, is Usagi Tsukino's best friend and schoolmate at the start of the series. Her birthday is listed as January 1. She has been described as "self-sacrificing" and "compassionate".

In every incarnation of the series, Naru is the very first victim of a youma attack, and hero-worships Sailor Moon for saving her. Throughout the early series she continues to be a frequent target of youma and other monsters, which has become something of a joke both within the series and among its fans. In an anime "memorable subplot", Naru falls in love with the evil Nephrite, who eventually returns her feelings and attempts to atone. His death while protecting Naru leads to a long period of depression for her,[citation needed] which lasts throughout the remainder of the first series. This plot is one which Kotono Mitsuishi was particularly touched by.

As the story progresses, Naru's role becomes smaller, as she is not one of the Sailor Senshi and Usagi no longer has as much free time to spend with her old friend. It is strongly hinted in the Black Moon Arc that Naru has figured out Sailor Moon's identity on her own, though this is not explicitly stated; she meets up with Usagi before she runs to face the Black Moon Clan, but stays behind and only makes Usagi promise to come back safely to school.

Naru plays a much more important role in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, even learning most of the truth about the Senshi. She is also more confident and outgoing in this version, which seems to be why she gets along with the equally outgoing Usagi. For a short while, she and Ami share a conflicted relationship as both seem to be jealous of the other's closeness with Usagi. However, they later resolve their differences and become good friends themselves.

In the anime, Naru ends up dating Gurio Umino. In episode 95 of the anime the two teenagers won a 'Love Contest', fighting against other couples, including Haruka and Michiru (who were on course to win themselves, but withdrew), to see who was most in love. Naru's final appearance in the anime is in the Ami-chan's First Love Special.

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