Neighbor Number 13 - Movie
Alternative Names:


Rinjin 13-go

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2005
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
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Neighbor Number 13 - Movie

After spending his childhood as the target of playground bullies, Murasaki Juzo (Shun Oguri) grew into a psychologically scarred adult with serious anger issues. So when he discovers that Akai Toru (Hirofumi Arai), the same person who used to torment him as a child, is now living in the apartment above his and that he's also his new boss -- something snaps, and he assumes a scary new identity as the vengeful Neighbor No. 13

Shido Nakamura - No. 13
Shun Oguri - Uzô Murasaki
Hirofumi Arai - Tôru Akai
Yumi Yoshimura - Nozomi Akai
Tomoya Ishii - Hajime Seki
Minoru Matsumoto - Shinigami / God of Death
Mitsuru Murata
Takashi Miike - Kaneda

Yasuo Inoue
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