Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Shin Seiki Evangerion




Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 1995
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Not many shows are better

* The first 24 episodes
* Easily the best anime soundtrack ever (perfect mix of classical, piano, and brass)
* Character design and personalities
* Emotionally draining
* Deep story

* The final two episodes
* Emotionally draining (both a positive and a negative)
* Excessively vague at times
* Animation quality is spotty
* English dub is horrific

As of 2009, this is probably still the greatest anime series I have seen. If I knew someone who knows nothing about anime, I would first pick Evangelion as the introduction. I have a couple issues with the series, though: first, the animation quality is spotty and second, the last two episodes are trash psychobabble. If you want the best possible experience with the fewest speedbumps, I strongly recommend watching the first 24 episodes and then skipping right to End of Evangelion.
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The. Best. Anime. Ever.

Ok seriously, this is a great anime. Nothing can beat it. If you haven't seen it, I feel bad for you. I have two copies of the series, its just that good. You get giant mechas called Evangelions (Evas for short) defeating aliens called Angel, supposedly the messengers of God, totally cool battles. Then you got the protaginist Shinji Ikari, who seems like a wimp and doesn't know anything about having a normal, nice life. You'll have to watch out over and over of how good it is, and each time you learn something new. Its incredible and I definetly recommend it to anyone. And girls, theres that little shonen ai part in one of the episodes. *Laughs*
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Mecha Anime Done Right

Wow what I can say about this show... I mean really From start to end it is a complete mind fuck. Think now I watched all of this when i was only 14 at the time "it might explain my twisted personality now" but still the amount of religious symbolism is very very high. From having to fight "angels" to finding the remains of the 1st human "Adam" it's very over the top done but this is from Studio Ganaix so there is no huge surprise there, they are known for their over the top what the F*** ending's and did i just really see that?? They have the sensation to where it feels like you have been "trolled" by the creators and people on the net came up with a term calling it a "Ganiax End". This is one the 1st series that have had me hooked since the 90's and has warranted a huge re-watch over and over again sadly due to "ADV" going out of business the original TV series is no longer licensed as well as the movie. "Funimation" however is putting out the new movies for the series "Eva 1.11 and 2.22." so If you have never seen the series at all before this is a great chance to do so.

Okay now on to the plot of the show which is basically It's about an average high school boy named "Shinji Ikari" that has been forced, into what seems to be a battle between heaven and earth and they use giant mechs as the means of defeating their opponents and killing off "God's Angels" yes I said god angles open up a bible and ever angle in the show is in the bible, I shit you not. This is also the first series that I can think of that had the quite, monotone girl "Rei Ayanami", this character often shows little to no emotion unless she is around the right person, The polar opposite character of her for the series is "Asuka Langely Soryu" who is way more up beat and probably the 1st character that I can look back on and call an "tsundere" The mechs them selves are a huge difference from the normal affair due to to the fact they are limited in the amount of time they can move around and fight, which still hasn't been done by anyone else to date.

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One of the most beautiful and deep masterpieces created in the anime industry

what can i possibly say about this beautiful series that has not already been said.

Evangelion is possibly one of most known anime series to date, and almost every anime watcher has seen or at least heard of this famous and infamous series.

Evangelion is truly an experience that pushes you beyond your comfort zone when it comes to actually using your intellectual strength to discover all of the deeper meanings behind each and every scene. I may come off as one of those hardcore Eva fans, but im not. I simply adore the series for what it is. Is it the best series ever? no. Is it a masterpiece in its own right? hell yes it is.

Evangelion is a thinking man and woman's anime, its an anime that can stun you with its beautiful action sequences just as much as it can leave you mind molested during its more complicated scenes. I first experienced Evangelion at a very young age, and to be honest.. i was lost. However re-watching this series as an adult i have come to appreciate this valuable and rare gem for what it is.

Evangelion was an anime that risked it all, tackling very controversial topics such as religion and it handled it beautifully. Evangelion is one of those animes that even if you hate the genre, you should watch anyway, just to say "i have seen it"

The characters are all unique and all have their own back story, that for the most part is always interesting.

You might find yourself saying "oh my god, i hate shinji, hes such a loser" but he is one of the deepest characters in anime to date.

I give Evangelion a 10/10.
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A Disturbing Triumph of Animation

Neon Genesis Evangelion may be the single most hotly debated anime ever made. Over 20 years after the series aired and ended with The End of Evangelion, fans and critics are still pulling the series apart looking for deeper meanings and discussing the show's extremely in depth use of religious and psychological symbolism. While the series has many detractors who label it as "pretentious" and "not as deep as it looks", my experience with Neon Genesis Evangelion has been nothing but positive.

It should certainly be acknowledged that this series is absolutely not something for everyone. Not only is it highly disturbing at times, but the narrative isn't one that is easy to follow. If you like your stories to explain everything to you, or to have everything neatly wrapped up with no loose ends when all is said and done, Evangelion is likely going to frustrate you and not much else. It should also be said the Gainax was working with little to no budget during the series, so the animation quality can be very lacking at times, especially in the controversial last two episodes of the series.

But despite it's flaws, Evangelion is still considered anime's crowning post-modernist masterpiece. It's a story that uses Science-Fiction and Mecha merely as a backdrop for a story about someone who hates themselves learning that we can become better people by valuing our connection with others rather than shutting them out, and in turn learning to take care of himself. This isn't a series that everyone will fall in love with, but even so, Hideaki Anno's deeply personal expression of isolation and sadness should not be missed by anyone who loves anime.
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What the Fudge did I just watch?

This series was great. But after episode 18ish, things just get more messed up by the second. The animation is pretty good for this time period, and I quite enjoyed the voice acting. The plot line left more questions than answers, and at the same time, raised questions that no one ever thought of. With the Giant Robots,
and some pretty cool fight scenes, you should watch this show! Just, not all in one sitting!
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best anime hands down

the show is amazing. it was the first anime that i saw that messed me up so good that i would think about it for days. its really a dark show, especially as it gets closer to the end. but theres bits and pieces of comedy and those slice of life moments really make the show that much better. you end up feeling sorry for the characters, even the ones you don't want to like (i'm looking at you, gendo). i can honestly say you will never see a show like this one and everyone should watch it because seriously. this is a classic.
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Why wouldn't you watch it?

NGE has been on the top of the world since it came out, and if you watch it, you will see why. Anyone who has already knows why. It hands you intensely powerful character development and a story well beyond the comprehension of most of its viewers, which gave it some bad reviews. The truth of the matter is that NGE was cut from profits, and the last 2 episodes were rushed because of that, but in response tothat, they made the movies, giving the viewers what they wanted, and, like the anime, they gave a LOT.
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