Last Name: Malche
First Name: Noloty
Gender: Female
Type: Person
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Noloty is a trainee Armed Librarian who came from the mountains, in the southern hinterlands, born in a tiny village where the people only worked the land. As the chief's daughter, she was considered a princess. However, after her father died, she was thrown out of the village, and eventually became an Armed Librarian.
Extended Information

She is extremely cheerful, exuberant and always smiling. However, she is also very emotional and cries whenever another Armed Librarian dies during duty. When Luimon, her mentor died, she was seen sobbing for a long time. She also believes that the world belongs to her and doesn't believe in taking the lives of others.

She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and prefers not to use guns.
She does not appear to have any magic ability.