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Tenchu (天誅) is the title of a popular stealth game series wherein the player assumes the role of a ninja. The title is a Japanese term whose literal English translation is heaven's punishment, with 天 (ten) meaning heaven and 誅 (chu) meaning death penalty (it is notable that a rough translation of this phrase, "Wrath of Heaven" is the title of the first PlayStation 2 entry in the series, therefore translating to "Heaven's Punishment: Wrath of Heaven").

Tenchu is known for its stealth gameplay, and the eerie settings of feudal Japan. It was one of the first ninja games to incorporate stealth, a very crucial aspect of Ninjutsu. However, aside from featuring traditional martial arts battles, the game incorporates elements of fantasy and Japanese mythology. So far, the series has had four (one being a standalone expansion) games for the PlayStation, two appearances on Mobile Java, one game for the Nintendo DS, two games for the PlayStation 2, one game for the Xbox, two games for the Xbox 360, and one game for the PlayStation Portable. An upcoming title will be released for the Wii.

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