Ohedo Rocket
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Apr 3, 2007 to Sep 26, 2007
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Ohedo Rocket

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AKA: Oh! Edo Rocket

Early in summer, the 13th year of Tempo, due to the Tempo Reforms proclaimed by Mizuno Tadakuni, people in Edo are prohibited from living extravagantly and luxuriously. Tamaya Seikichi, a craftsman of fireworks, cannot abandon his dream to create new and larger fireworks than anyone has ever seen. Every day, he secretly launches fireworks and evades the authorities.

One night, two beasts are cornered by government officers. The blue one is killed, but the white one escapes into the darkness. Part of the reason they miss the white one is Seikichi`s fireworks. The next morning, Sora, a mysterious and beautiful girl, appears and asks Seikichi to make a firework that can reach the moon. Although he is embarrassed by her request, he begins to make fireworks in order to encourage people depressed by the reforms. In the row house he lives in, various kinds of people, such as a carpenter, an entertainer, a magician, a mechanic, etc. reside there. With the help of those people and Shunpei, Seikichi’s little brother, who is also a good mathematician, their “Moon Rocket Plan” begins to take shape. Will he be able to shoot a rocket to the moon?

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Ginjirou (lead)Kouichi Yamadera
Nishinosuke Akai (lead)Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Seikichi Tamaya (lead)Yoko Soumi
Sora (lead)Chika Fujimura