Olivier Milla Armstrong
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Olivier Milla Armstrong


The Northern Cliff of Briggs

Women in anime never cease to amaze me,
especially strong characters.

One such woman is of course, our heroine, General Olivier Milla Armstrong.
The first time the anime introduced her, the first impression that striked me was,
this lady reminded me of *Integra Hellsing from the Hellsing manga!
Not in appearance of course but in their resolute and integrity.

That blonde veil that shelters one of her eyes, swift yet gracefully swept, with every turn she takes.
Her piercing sapphire blue eyes, diamonds almost as forbidding as her sword and aura she holds.
She commands a wave of respect and integrity with those around her,
and claims their loyalty as their 'Ice Queen'.

To be acknowledged and yet feared by enemies is something not everyone can achieve
in their lifetime and yet, Olivier has earned a reputation at that.

She is sworn to her duty as a protector of her country and also,
as can be seen in a later episode, her family.
Armed with usually a sword, handed down by generations,
her moves are flexible with every turn of fluid motion,
swift and forthright in her every cut and thrust,
displaying an evidently direct and honest swordsmanship in the face of enemies.

Up to date, as revealed, her character still remains alone/single for now,
as deemed that she has not found her match quite yet and perhaps, she does not even bother to!! XD
However, as much as we must take into account that the **FMA story is focused on the Elric brothers' journey and goal and not romantic interests, what's a story without a hint or spice of romance some would say?
Who could resist not pairing this voluptuous lady with a man of her own!
In fact, some fans have the answers to that with their ***fan-fics and fan-art to fill that void!

Some popular pairings that we see are:

Olivier x Buccaneer
Olivier x Havoc
Olivier x Scar
Olivier x Kimblee

I think a good OC pairing with her would do the job as well.
And of course, not without her wearing the pants in the relationship! =)
It would be interesting but yet strange if we were to see her being a submissive partner,
then that wouldn't be the Olivier we know at all would it?! ; )

I'm really glad that charismatic women characters such as herself exist in FMA and anime in general,
in contrast to weak, fragile and lost women, there is a balance.

*Integra Hellsing - http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Integra_Fairbrook_Wingates_Hellsing
**FMA - http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Fullmetal_Alchemist:_Brotherhood

Olivier Milla Armstrong LOVE group : http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Olivier_Milla_Armstrong_LOVE