Ono Daisuke
Last Name: Ono
First Name: Daisuke
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kochi Prefecture
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: May 4, 1978
Blood Type: O
Type: Person
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Ono Daisuke

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Extended Information

Ono Daisuke was born and raised in Kouchi Prefecture. Originally when he was studying in the Nihon University's College of Art he was pursuing a career in television broadcasting but he got criticized by his professor. Which then at that point he took an interest in performing instead.

Ono Daisuke began by taking minor roles as characters on the Television Kanagawa station.His role as Koizumi Itsuki heavily raised his popularity. The characters he voices are usually know as the type that holds himself in high regard either as a hero, a cool-spirited youth, or an intellectual.

He's acted with Kamiya Hiroshi several times. In Durarara, Working, and many radio shows as well.

Other Info
His favorite food include Chinese noodles, ramen, nuts, and almonds. He doesn't like raisins.
He is a very quiet guy despite his occupation.
His hair grows really fast but apparently his mustache doesn't. He can go many days without shaving and there wouldn't be a trace of hair in that area.
He is a big fan of Gundam and has a collection of Gundam franchise.