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Saber Marionette (セイバーマリオネット, Seibā Marionetto?) is a science fiction humor/adventure series featuring android girls. It has been produced in the form of anime, manga, and light novels. It was created by Satoru Akahori. Beginning with a short story published in the October 1994 issue of Gekkan Dragon Magazine, twelve volumes of serialized light novels were produced. A long-running manga series illustrated by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi titled Saber Marionette Z was later adapted into an anime series which first aired on TV Tokyo in October 1996.

In January 1995 a twelve-episode audio drama series called SM Girls Saber Marionette R aired on the radio show Nowanchatte Say You. The audio drama concluded in April 1995 and the story was continued one month later with the release of the first episode of the Saber Marionette R OVA. Episode two was released in late July 1995, and in September 1995, the final episode was released.

In October 1995 the SM Girls Saber Marionette J audio drama series premiered on Nowanchatte Say You and ran until January 1996. In October 1996 the Saber Marionette J anime series aired. The series ran through March of 1997 with 25 episodes.

In October 1997, a sequel arrived on video, the Saber Marionette J Again OVA. In June 1998, the sixth and final episodes of the OVA were released. In October 1998, the Saber Marionette J to X TV series was first broadcast. The series ran for 26 episodes, concluding in March 1999.

The Saber Marionette R OVA is currently licensed by Media Blasters. The Saber Marionette J TV series, the Saber Marionette J Again OVA, and the Saber Marionette J to X TV series are currently licensed by Bandai Entertainment. The English language Saber Marionette J manga is currently licensed by TOKYOPOP. The American translation is imported to Australia by Madman Entertainment.

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