Pegasus J Crawford
Maximillion Pegasus
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Pegasus J Crawford

Maximillion Pegasus, known in Japan as Pegasus J. Crawford (ペガサス・ジェー・クロフォード, Pegasasu Jē Kurofōdo?), is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Maximillion Pegasus is the Chairman of Industrial Illusions (shortened to I²) and the creator of the game of Duel Monsters (Magic and Wizards in the Japanese manga). Initially introduced as the primary antagonist in the anime's first season, Pegasus is developed into a tragic character who desires to revive his dead mistress. Pegasus eventually becomes an ally to Yugi and his friends by helpng them on several occasions. As the creator of the card game Duel Monsters and the discoverer of their ancient Egyptian roots, Pegasus often plays a key role throughout the anime due to his extensive knowledge of the game and its mysterious origins.

Source: Wikipedia
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