Priscilla Sonoda Asagiri
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Priscilla Sonoda Asagiri

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (バブルガムクライシス TOKYO 2040, Baburugamu Kuraishisu TOKYO 2040?) is a television retelling of the 1987 Bubblegum Crisis original video animation.

Anime International Company obtained the rights to the series when Artmic dissolved in November 1997. Although the original series had not sold well in its initial run in Japan, it had done rather well in the US market of the early 1990s, being one of the earliest works of anime to be commercially subtitled there. The US anime-importing company ADV Films funded the creation of an all new Bubblegum Crisis. BGC 2040, as it became known, ran for 24 TV episodes and two OVAs (episodes 25 and 26). Due to personality conflicts with AIC staff and anger over their treatment in the original series, two key personnel from the original series - singer/voice actress Kinuko Ōmori and character designer Kenichi Sonoda - refused to participate.

Bubblegum Crisis 2040 has many interesting technological innovations 'in the background', such as the skyhook. Near the end of the series, an event similar to technological singularity is shown.

In 2002, a direct sequel was announced: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2041 by A.D. Vision, although no official announcements on the subject have been made since then.

Source: Wikipedia
Priscilla S. Asagiri

DoB: November 17, 2013 or May 27, 2013: debated
Height: 168cm (5'6")
Weight: 48kg (106#)
Sizes: 88cm-60cm-90cm (35"-24"-35")
Japanese seiyuu: Oomori Kinuko (Crisis), Tachikawa Ryoko (Crash), Yu Asakawa (2040)
English voice actress: Sinda Nichols (Crisis), Christine Auten (2040)
Linguistic Note: "Asagiri" means "morning mist"
(Debate on Priss' birthday stems from the official date being in mid-November, based on the birthday of her second voice actress, Tachikawa Ryoko. However, BGCrash! naysayers argue that Priss' official birthday ought to be May 27, which is the birthday of her original voice actress, Oomori Kinuko.)