Rahzel Anadis
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Rahzel Anadis

Dazzle (破天荒遊戯, Hatenkō Yūgi?, lit. Unprecedented Game) is a Japanese manga by Minari Endoh. There have been ten volumes published in Japan as of December 25, 2007. The series is being published in English in North America by Tokyopop and as of May 12, 2008, there are nine volumes out in America. An anime adaptation under the original title Hatenkō Yūgi aired in Japan between January 5, 2008 and March 7, 2008 on the Kyoto Broadcasting System and contains ten episodes.

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Extended Information

Rahzel is a child who was brought up with strict and religious morals. This guidance has left her with a very mature outlook on life and helps keep her secret past at bay. At thirteen her cooky father sends her off to travel on her own. It wasn't long before the sweet and charming Rahzel had two travel companions (Alzied and Barqueat) both smitten in their own way with her and thusly almost her henchmen. The story strongly revolves around Rahzel the spunky and resourceful lolita she is and her effect on the two young men, especially Alzied who is ever more curious about her dark past. What secret is she keeping? Why does she seemed to have lived a lifetime at only thirteen? Read the manga and find out.