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Ranmaru Samejima

Kizuna: Bonds of Love (絆 KIZUNA~恋のから騒ぎ~, Kizuna: Koi no Kara Sawagi?) is a yaoi manga, authored by Kazuma Kodaka. Released in 1994, and still ongoing, it was one of the first and most popular manga to feature a homosexual relationship.[citation needed]

The manga, currently 10 volumes long, is released in English by Be Beautiful (volumes 1-8 are on sale as of 2008). An example of the latter is the use of Enjouji's first name; in the Japanese version everyone, even his lover Ranmaru, refers to him by his surname, but the English translation uses his first name "Kei".

In regards to censorship, the target in this regard has been certain scenes depicting memories of Kai and Masa's early relationship. Two pages from the first volume of the English translation were excised because they contained images of a very young Kai kissing Masa on the lips. While an innocent reason is given on Kai's part for this action, and Masa's reaction is one of shock and embarrassment, it was deemed suitably inappropriate[citation needed] by the editors and removed. A flashback to this memory in the second volume was edited so that a thought bubble obscures the image of young Kai, only showing Masa's face.

Kizuna is also available as an anime, in the form of three OVAs. The first two have been released in the US on DVD, most recently in a new "Special Signature Edition" with Kazuma Kodaka. A third OVA, "Much Ado About Nothing", is harder to find.

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