Ren Tsuruga
Last Name: Tsuruga
First Name: Ren
敦賀 蓮
Kuon Hizuri
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Ren Tsuruga

Tsuruga Ren is an enigmatic character. He's reserved and detached. His popularity does not seem to have phazed him or gone to his head. His relationship with Kyoko doesn't seem to be much at first, since he is Shou's arch-enemy (Shoutaro; but this name's taboo, so don't tell anyone we know it). But through the course of the series, Ren's true nature and relationship with Kyoko turns out to be more complex that what you see on the surface...

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Extended Information

- Ren has a bad habit of not eating if he doesn't get reminded by his Manager.

- His complex emotions are mostly under the surface. The classic lonewolf... he doesn't share it with anyone. Despite of his popularity he's actually single and unattached.

- He's an intense actor with skills only known to more mature actors. The ability to lead another actor into an almost real situation on site. He's a Method Actor: someone who draws from personal esxperience and emotions to give life to his on screen characters.

- He's four years older than Kyoko. (Might have an age complex; i.e. "can't be with her coz' I'm so old")

- He is not stranger to Kyoko, even though she doesn't remember him, he remembers her. She used to hide off near a stream and cries when she's feeling hurt or sad. And mistakes Ren for a fairy Prince called Corn. He gives her a small Blue gemstone, Kyoko's most precious treasure. And remains her pillar of strength when she feels hope is lost.

- Ren is actually a mixed blooded Japanese/American. His father is way famous (left Japan to fly solo). He has blonde or fair hair. And it's dyed black so he can pass as a Japanese guy. He lived in Japan for a time and then went abroad.

- He is able to reach out to Kyoko and break away her desire for revenge, and helps her acting. (I mean her style and methods, not her acting career. He actually almost tortures the girl in the beginning, but as the story unfolds, so does Ren's true nature)

- He's never been truly in Love, so he doesn't know how to fully convey the emotion to the camera.