Last Name: Ma
First Name: Renka
馬 連華
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: China
Type: Person
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Renka Ma

(馬 連華, Ba/Ma Renka)

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

* First appearance: Chapter 66
* Type: Dou
* Martial Arts: Chinese Kempo

Renka is Ma Kensei’s 16-year-old daughter. She came to Japan in search of her father, who she planned to take back to China. Despite treating him with disdain at first, she soon took a strong liking to Kenichi and showed this openly. She is constantly vying with Miu for his attention. This greatly annoyed Miu, possibly even making her feel jealous, which was alleviated by Renka behaving in a catlike manner which Miu has a soft spot for. She began to acknowledge Kenichi's style of martial arts after her visit to the the dojo, and later gives him advice on developing his own fighting style.

In the second arc, Renka wanted to have a date with Kenichi. Renka appeared again to assist Kenichi in the battle against Yami disciple SPARK, who specialized in the Drunken Fist martial art.
Having trained in Chinese kenpo since her childhood, Ma Renka is a highly talented martial artist. Although her true prowess in combat has yet to be shown, she has demonstrated an insight into master-level fights that few other non-master class characters have displayed. In chapters 309-312, during the fight between Apachai and Kei Retsumin, a master sent to assassinate the three headed dragon group, she was able to read most of the shockwave orbits that surrounded the 2 combatants and was even able to guide Kenichi through them as he attempted to remove the birdcage on Kei's head. It is worth noting that the three headed dragon group were present during the fight, and although they proved to be formidable martial artists during the D of D tournament, none of them were even aware of the shockwave orbits. Even Kenichi was initially unable to see them, although he was later able to once he discovered that the shockwave orbits utilized principles similar to those behind Ryuusui Seikuken.

In chapter 313 she transferred to Kenichi's school and started a fight with the YOMI member Chikage Kushinada but stopped fighting at Kenichi's insistence. Having spoken with Miu about Kenichi's plan she agreed not to reveal Chikage's membership of YOMI or fight her. She then met several members of the Alliance and claimed the title of leader which she justified by beating Nijima in battle (which Kenichi describes as "the reasoning of a savage") when he was incensed by her claim. She then declared that she’d defeat them all to solidify her claim. The fight was broken up before it could begin once again at Kenichi's insistance and Renka apologized profusely which led to Ukita and Takeda accepting her. When Kisara notes how similar Renka is to a cat she accepts her despite previously disliking her due to how well endowed she was in comparison to herself. Later she is shown fighting alongside Ryou Ma's two disciples against a Master class fighter intent on fighting Kensei. The 3 of them defeat him with minor assistance from Takeda. Renka impressed with Takeda's powers insists they should spar which results in them battling with Renka blissfully unaware of how much they are putting at stake.

When Kenichi is invited to a tag team match between a master of his choice and Diego and Rachel, Renka chooses to step in on his behalf due to his absence at the time and his unwillingness to hit women.