Richard Mardukas
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Richard Mardukas

Voiced by: Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese), Andy McAvin (English)

Richard Mardukas is an overly protective aide of Tessa's who insists on guarding her with his life. He holds the rank of Commander and is in charge of Mithril's TDD-1 when the Captain, Testarossa, is not on board; appropriate, given that Mardukas' position is that of Executive Officer. Mardukas is often seen wearing a hat bearing the name of HMS Turbulent, a real British submarine.

Prior to joining Mithril, Mardukas was the Commanding Officer of HMS Turbulent, and a graduate of the Royal Navy's "Perisher" course: the submarine equivalent to the US Navy's famed "Top Gun" Fighter Weapons School. According to the FMP novel A Dancing Very Merry Christmas, Mardukas was known to the submarine community as a genius of submarine warfare, leading to his nickname "Duke"; he also served on HMS Conqueror when it sank the General Belgrano, and while commanding the Turbulent saved Tessa's father and his submarine on a secret mission. Many of his peers in the submarine community, such as Commander Killy B. Sailor, CO of the USS Pasadena, believe Mardukas to be working in a shipping firm after his retirement.

Source: Wikipedia
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