Rin Tsuchimi
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Rin Tsuchimi

Rin Tsuchimi (土見 稟, Tsuchimi Rin?) is the male protagonist of the visual novel/anime series Shuffle!. In the game, Rin is the character the player assumes the role of, but is only able to influence his actions to a minimal degree. Rin is also the only character in the first two games of the series (Shuffle! and Tick! Tack!) that does not have a voice actor. He is not, however, a truly silent protagonist as he still has many lines of dialogue in text form. However, unlike many visual novels that either hide the protagonist's face or never show him at all, Rin is seen in full view a few times throughout the game.

Following the theme of characters from Shuffle! being named with allusions to plants, his given name, Rin (稟) means "salary in rice" and his surname, Tsuchimi (土見) is written with the characters for 'earth' and 'visible'.

Rin was designed by Hiro Suzuhira. Hikaru Midorikawa voiced him in drama CDs from the first season. Tomokazu Sugita and Megumi Matsumoto voiced him in the anime, while Kagura Akagi and Ryoko Tanaka voiced him in Really? Really!. Jerry Jewell voiced him in the English version of the anime.

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