Risaki Nishida
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Risaki Nishida

Hitohira (ひとひら, Hitohira? lit. Petal) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Japanese manga author Izumi Kirihara. The story revolves around a shy girl name Mugi Asai who is unsure of what club to join in her school, but before she knows it she gets dragged into the Drama Research Society and becomes a member. The manga was first serialized in the Japanese seinen manga magazine Comic High! on March 22, 2004, and is published by Futabasha. The manga has been licensed for distribution in North America by Aurora; the first and second volumes are due out in October and December 2008 respectively. An anime adaptation, which aired in Japan between March 28, 2007 and June 13, 2007, contains twelve episodes.

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