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Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese), R Bruce Elliott (English)

Rubel (or Louvre (ルヴル, Ruvuru) in the original Japanese version) is a white, thin man dressed in all black. He is one of the people who give orders to the Claymores and collect the payment afterwards. He accepted Clare into the Organization and acts as her handler. He seems to be immortal and does not age noticeably between Teresa's childhood and the new arc. Rubel was the one sent to gather Raphaela from exile after the death of Teresa to prepare for the war with the Abyssal ones.

When he confronts Clare, Cynthia and Yuma in the new arc, Cynthia deducts that he is a spy from the enemies of the organization. Rubel confirms and admits he is aiming at destroying the organization from the inside and that he was Miria's "inside man" who told her about the mainland. He also admits to hiding the fact of partial awakened claymores from the organization since he considers it a step in the organization developing controllable awakened beings. When he brings up Renee is captured by Riful, Clare realizes his aim of setting up all the partially awakened Claymores to die by Riful's hands.

His name was changed in the English version, by replacing the ヴ (vu) with a "be", it is unknown whether this is due to a misreading of the Katakana or intentional. He seems to be named after the Louvre Museum (ルーヴル Rūvuru in Katakana). Apparently all the members of the organization are named after popular art museums around the world.

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