Ryo Mizuhara
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Ryo Mizuhara

Final Approach (Φなる・あぷろーち, Fuainaru Apurōchi?) is a visual novel that has been adapted into an anime designed by Ibe Yukiko. The title uses the Greek letter Φ (phi) to represent to the 'fi' (ふぁい, fai?) in the Japanese transliteration of the English word 'final'. The series of half-length episodes aired in Japan in October 2004 (back-to-back with W~Wish, a separate series), with the last episode ending a few months later.

A PS2 adaptation of the series was exclusively released in Japan during January 2006. A sequel with different characters, called Finalist, has been released a year later, where each of the female characters was designed by different character artists[citation needed].

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