Ryo Urawa
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Ryo Urawa

Ryo Urawa (浦和良, Urawa Ryō, known as Greg in the English version), is a character who appears only in Episodes 27 and 41 of the anime.

Urawa is introduced as having the highest score in an exam, and secretly has powers that allow him to see the future, though it is unclear whether he used his powers to cheat. Urawa has feelings for Ami Mizuno, but is too shy to admit it. He becomes embroiled in the Rainbow Crystal arc for being the holder of the Yellow Rainbow Crystal, Bumbo. He is also one of the few good characters to explicitly state that he knows a Senshi's identity, as he often calls Sailor Mercury by her civilian name. It is implied that he knows this from his powers. In the Another Story video game, it is implied that he and Ami are in a long-distance relationship, but this is not stated in the anime.

The kanji in his name mean "inlet" (ura), "peace" (wa), and "good" (ryō).

In the Japanese version he is voiced by Shinichiro Ohta, and in English by Eric Kimmel.

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