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最終兵器彼女 (Saishu Heiki Kanojo)

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2000
Air Date: Jul 2, 2002 to Sep 24, 2002
Episodes: 13
Type: Series
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The Last Love Song on this Little Planet

The Song Begins...
Saishu Heiki Kanojo (or as the fan base refers to it: Saikano) is a story about love. On Japan's north-most island, Hokkaido, the majority of the characters are students at a high school. Like most other high school aged kids, they live their lives through contact with their friends, and try to seek out romance and discover what it's all about. Their biggest cares are who likes whom and what they're eating for lunch that day, until the war that has been going on around them comes to their city. Shuji and Chise had only been dating each other a short time when their city, Sapporo, was bombed by an unnamed enemy. It was during this time that Shuji learned two things: he couldn't shut his eyes to the reality that the war was real because it had claimed classmates already, and that his cute, small girlfriend had been somehow transformed into the Ultimate Weapon of their nation.

This anime wasn't written to be a happy story. While it's true that there is a lot of science fiction involved as far as Chise's weapons and capabilities are concerned, the interactions and emotions of the characters are far more real. This story depicts what it's like to love, to be loved, and to lose things that are important. Throughout many hardships that concern both the war, and the characters' difficulties in discovering their feelings and sharing those feelings with the people they care about, it's a story about the frailty of love and how desperately you can chase after it. The love that Shuji and Chise try to hold onto, even though the world around them seems to be crumbling, is "The Last Love Song on this Little Planet."

In Depth Character Information
If you have seen the anime and wish to read about what happened to each character, or if you simply do not mind spoilers, feel free to read about them in this spoiler section.

The story itself is a little unbelievable of course, because it's rooted in the midst of a sci-fi war. As such, who or what they are fighting isn't ever very clear. I think that was intentional though, because the students in the story really didn't get to hear much about the war or what was happening, similar to how a country might really be locked out of communication with it's outlying areas during a war of this scale. I think those details aren't revealed so that the viewer may feel that underlying sense of fear and anxiety that the characters are having to endure.

The musical score not only sets and fits the somewhat sad and dark mood throughout the anime, but it also plays an important role during the story. There is a song that Shuji likes to hum when he's happy that Chise readily recognizes throughout the show. Other sound effects are great as well: heartbeats, gunfire, and building destruction just to name a few. The noise Chise makes when she's flying in weapon form is a little strange, but it somehow didn't seem out of place to me.

I think this is probably the brightest shining point of Saikano. The characters all feel very real: by that I mean they are easy to relate to. Their persona are all well thought out and their interactions feel like what could happen on an everyday basis. The impact of how genuine they are is further amplified by the fact that most of the story takes place in a real city (if you ever visit Sapporo, you may recognize some of the cityscape from this anime). Feelings of helplessness, of not knowing what your lover or friend is thinking and feeling, and of struggling to hold the threads of each bond together when they threaten to come undone can be found in these characters. For more detailed information on each character, read the spoiler section above.

The animation is also good in this anime. I didn't give it a perfect score because of a few minor details. One such detail is the way the land vehicles make impossible looking maneuvers in a few scenes that seem poorly drawn to me. But for the most part, everything flows very smoothly and is well drawn. The city and countryside are especially well done, right down to the details of how Hokkaido's traffic lights are vertical as opposed to horizontal like the rest of Japan due to increased snowfall. Truly a lot of thought and work went into many of the scenes.

Overall and closing thoughts
This is probably one of the most touching anime's I've ever watched. Somehow this story has a way of making me feel personally connected to each character rather than being just a spectator because of how well their interactions and feelings are portrayed. Though it certainly isn't the happy smile-filled romance that you typically find in anime - indeed can be heart wrenching at times - it is no less a true love story, and I think most mature audiences will also be as touched by it as I was.
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A true masterpiece :D

This anime is one of the few anime that made me cry. And it’s the one and only anime that made me cry 2 times in the series. Episode 9 and 13. A storyline that shows the realities of war. not from the view point of the soldiers but from the view point of the people back at home. How war effects a nation of people when the war is battled on their nations land. This view point seen from 3 high school students already in a love triangle.

Shuji is just a normal high school student. Chise is a shy girl. But she confesses her feeling to Shuji(which isn’t shown). Then one say he finds out first hand his girlfriend is Japan's Ultimate Weapon. Now he and Chise must find away to maintain their relationship while at the same time, Chise defends her nation and the people she loves. This anime ask the question: What would you do it the girl you loved. The girl you believed you would spend the rest of your life with, turned out to be Weapon of Mass Destruction... I could go on but its better ya watch it for yourself. See with your own eyes just how awesome this anime really is. Watch it. Love it. Buy it.