Sailor Aluminum Siren
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Sailor Aluminum Siren

The Sailor Animamates (セーラーアニマメイツ, Sērā Animameitsu?, occasionally romanized as "Sailor Anima-Mates") are a fictional squadron in the Sailor Moon metaseries. They are the sub-villains of the fifth series, Sailor Stars.

In the manga, the Sailor Animamates are people who were promised power by Sailor Galaxia, including the ability to become true Sailor Senshi after the mission of Shadow Galactica was completed. This included each of them murdering the Sailor Senshi of her own planet. They are led by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon.

In the anime, the Sailor Animamates disguise themselves as employees of Tokyo's primary television station, Galaxy TV (Ginga Terebi), in order to get closer to their victims. Under Sailor Galaxia's command, they search for true star seeds whose shines can survive being exposed to the outside world. There are only four Sailor Animamates, and they are matched at every turn by Eternal Sailor Moon who alone has the power to restore star seeds to innocents. They can warp from place to place using a black phone booth.

All five of the original Animamates appear in various Sailor Moon musicals, including Sailor Stars, Eien Densetsu, Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu, and Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin. They pose as a dance troupe called the "Dancing Animamates" and go by pseudonyms: Iron Mouse as "Chū Rat," Aluminum Seiren as "Half Bird," Lead Crow as Manila Karasu, etc. In addition, two new Animamates are introduced: Sailor Pewter Fox and Sailor Titanium Kerokko.

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