Sakamoto Maaya
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Sakamoto Maaya

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Maaya Sakamoto (坂本 真綾 Sakamoto Ma'aya, born March 31, 1980) is a Japanese seiyū (voice-actor) and singer who made her debut in 1996 as the voice of Hitomi Kanzaki in the hit anime series The Vision of Escaflowne.

In addition, she sang the opening song "Yakusoku wa Iranai" and the movie closing song "Yubiwa". She has since teamed up with composer Yoko Kanno and has had many subsequent voice roles in anime such as Record of Lodoss War, Kanon, RahXephon, Gundam SEED DESTINY, .hack//SIGN, and others. She also has had voice roles in video games such as Panzer Dragoon Saga, Kingdom Hearts, and Napple Tale. She also does the voice of Padmé Amidala in the Japanese dub of Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III and Max in the television series Dark Angel. She plays the role of Eponine in the Japanese production of Les Misérables.

On her singer side, Sakamoto has released five solo albums, one mini album, numerous singles, and two singles collections. In December 2003, she released her fourth original album, Shounen Alice, and a DVD of a short original movie from the director of Mizu no Onna called 03†. Sakamoto occasionally writes her own lyrics but most often works with others. Frequent collaborators include Yuuho Iwasato for Japanese songs and Tim Jensen for English songs. In 2004, Sakamoto's new fanclub "Idling Stop" opened. Composer Yoko Kanno worked with Sakamoto up until Yūnagi LOOP, her fifth album, which has no songs composed by Kanno.

She has graduated from Toyo University (Bachelor in sociology).
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