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Sara Mudo

Angel Sanctuary (天使禁猟区, Tenshi Kinryōku?) is a manga and anime series created by Kaori Yuki. This 20-volume series was originally serialized in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume. The manga was adapted as a three-episode OVA series that loosely covers the first story arc; it was intended to be an introduction to the manga rather than a complete story, and thus ends on an abrupt cliffhanger. Both the manga and anime feature mature content.

A series of drama CDs based on the other story arcs was also released.

Angel Sanctuary is one of Kaori Yuki's most celebrated works. Among other things, it discusses the morality of incestuous relationships, the nature of God, and other philosophical topics. North American distribution rights of the anime have been rescued from Central Park Media by Media Blasters (2007).

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