Sasuke Uchiha
Last Name: Uchiha
First Name: Sasuke
Gender: Male
Hometown: Konoha
Birthday: July 23
Blood Type: AB
Type: Person
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Sasuke Uchiha

The dark and narrow path he crawls, just like the "snake" that he once proclaimed himself to be, has finally led Sasuke to accomplish his revenge, only to discover the tragic truth. Now the snake has risen like a young hawk, high up in the sky. With the omnipotent eyes his clan endowed, he sets upon his next path, despite knowing that it will be bloodier than his previous one.

While training under Orochimaru to gain more power to avenge his brother, he quickly enhances his strength, with the help of the Uchiha intellect that runs in his blood. Although Orochimaru was planning to take over his body, Sasuke kills Orochimaru, absorbing much of his abilities. With the power of Shirohebi (white snake), the Mangekyo Sharingan he succeeded from his brother, his intuition and godspeed, he has become one of the most formidable ninjas.
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