Sayori Wakaba
Last Name: Wakaba
First Name: Sayori
Gender: Female
Hometown: unknown
Type: Person
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Sayori Wakaba

Sayori Wakaba is Yuki Cross's dorm-mate and best friend since junior high, Yuki often refers to her as Yori-chan. Yori seems to be one of the few girls who is not interested in the Night Class. She finds them a bit scary and stated that she would prefer someone from the day class. Yori is also very observant, as she notices a lot of things that happen to Yuki, especially when she gets hurt or is very depressed. She helps Yuki a lot. Later in the story, Yori finds out that Yuki is a vampire after Aidou protected her from a Level E vampire, who served Rido. Despite that fact, Yori still accepts Yuki and appeared to be more worried over that fact that she would lose her best friend.
[Edit]Family: Unknown
Age: 16
Occupation" Student
Race: Human
Powers and Abilities: NONE
Voice: Kana Ueda
Status : Alive

One year later and the Academy has tried to erase most of the humans memory, but Yori fought to keep her memories. She has grown more closer to Zero and know that he wants to kill Yuuki. Sayori wants to meet her best friend, but never really has the way to until one day a new teacher and also part vampire hunter Kaito who tells her about a dance in which vampires will attend. Attending then dance to meet her long time best friend, Yuuki, Sayori finds herself in some trouble by facing all of the vampires. Sayori meets Sara who dosent have good intentions. Before Sara is able to lay a finger on Sayori, she is stopped by Zero who could smell blood all over Sara. With the whole action Yuuki comes and Sayori finally gets to see her best friend. It wasn't long before Zero took her away and Sayori had to say her goodbye. Later Kaname arranges for Sayori and Yuuki to meet. In that even they find out that one of the purebloods was murder cutting their meeting short.