School Rumble
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2004
Air Date: Oct 10, 2004 to Apr 5, 2005
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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School Rumble

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School Rumble review

School rumble is an anime about love, comedy, school life and all the mishaps you could handle. It's a hilarious anime, but lacks a serious tone to it aside from the ocassional moment of broken heart syndrome. So if you want an anime that's romantic, funny and never makes you feel like crying, this is it. The character development is lacking but not to a severity for it to be a problem.
I found that I really love this anime, it has all the cliche round ups in it. The ditsy girl, who's cute and clumsy, the smart girl who has a hidden agenda, the athletic girl who is feminine side and that's not all by any means, there's also the stuck up snobby rich girl with a good heart. The male characters include the guy no one remembers, the guy that plays the girls, the guy thats a deliquent, and the guy that's just plain weird. Theres love triangles, unrequited love and plenty of fighting going around in this anime. I found that the characters have their own unique twist to them, which makes it very interesting to see the usual personalitys with a good ring to them.
It can be overwhelming at times, and I'll bet you will find yourself screaming in your mind "just tell him/her already!". But you'll also be laughing so hard you're gonna need a reminder to breathe. This anime leaves you with a good feeling, and I promise you'll walk away with a smile. It's definatly a show to check out at least, you'll know right from the start if you love it.
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crazy sitcom with fun characters but no progress, disappointing

SR styles itself as a fun crazy romantic comedy, but in reality it's just a sitcom that uses the romantic feelings of the characters as an excuse to keep them interacting. SR is the definition of being led on. It NEVER pays off any of the romances, and it gets really frustrating by the time you start in on the second season.
It's a shame as SR has great characters, you want to root for them, but knowing that by the end of the show they will have made no progress at all really takes the joy out of the experience. The concept seems to be a sitcom involving love struck highschoolers who all NEVER confess their feelings. It might have been interesting if this were a drama, but as a sitcom it just frustrates. One of the characters even literally comments in the last episode that they are right back at the beginning, which would be funny if it weren't a reminder that the last 54 episodes you just watched were a complete waste of time. What you are left with is sitcom antics and alternate meta comedy and jokes that will get laughs, but not nearly enough to justify the watch, and likable characters that have fun interactions but never real growth and development. The only things that change in the show do so in service of providing more opportunities for comedy. Everything is in service of that and it wears thin really fast. It was a struggle for me to finish this show.
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This is what humour is all about

What is School Rumble?
School Rumble is a romantic high-school comedy high on exaggeration and the impossibly extreme. While many of the things that happen are simply unbelievable or so extreme it'd have to make you frown, the delivery is so spot-on and the transitions into and out of those unbelievable events are so well done that you simply cannot fault them.
It doesn't contain extra-terrestrials, magic or that type of shtick, but it does stretch the limits of what is feasibly possible without batting an eye. (it does have both, but it has them as just another random character quirk rather than being something essential to the show itself. i.e. at the very end of the anime we learn one of the students is actually an alien..)
It's funny. They will make whatever situation between whatever types of characters happen to make you laugh (And they will succeed...)

Why should I care?
Because it isn't tethered by reality or its limitations all that much, this show manages to produce some of the most epic situational comedy I have ever seen. Sure they use well known tropes and there is the occasional slap-stick comedy, but that isn't the meat and potatoes of this show. By combination of reality-stretching, 'bad luck' situations, amazing artwork and great delivery by the voice-cast, they manage to produce COMEDY GOLD onto the screen that literally made me burst out laughing on so many occasions I forgot to count.

What's the story like?
Nothing amazingly special. The protagonist is a 'delinquent' type high-school kid that falls in love with a weird-ish girl, and generally the show follows him going about his school career trying to win the affection of said girl while balancing school, friends and a (part-time) job. The other characters are well fleshed-out and as the show progresses you'll learn to like and love all of them. They all have their reasons and likes and dislikes and they don't just exist to provide a backdrop for the main protagonist to do his thing. There's plenty of scenes not involving the main protagonist at all, and I believe that's a good thing.
While they all learn many things along the course of the anime and there is definite progression in the relationships between the cast it isn't an anime where at the end the protagonist has achieved all of his goals and has won the girl.

So how are the characters?
This is where School Rumble shines. The cast is diverse and every character has an arc they go through. Their personalities hail from all of the tropes to all of the extremes you can imagine, but still somehow manage to be (mostly) believable as high-school students. They are all likeable except for the main heroine, she's a ditzy dumb childish girl. I cannot stand those types of characters so take that as it is (an opinion). She does, near the end, appear to not be completely brain dead though so that's at least a relief.

How's the animation?
Usual fare for its time of creation. Not overly stylized, not overly beautiful. To the point and gets the job done. They do stretch the style for comedic bits or to enhance things like character expressions and they do this in a very good, unobtrusive way. Basically I'd say the animation is perfect for what it is and what it is trying to accomplish (make you laugh at times, make you cry at times)

There's crying??!
Well, yes. While the main selling point for this show is its amazing humor, it serves to note that the character interactions and the development of their relationships is actually well fleshed-out, properly and believably delivered (aside from being set back by 'improbable misfortune/timing' a lot). There will be life lessons learned, there will be hearts broken and there will even be heartwarming confessions with appropriate responses to said confessions.

How does it compare to other similar anime?
Hmmm.. I find it difficult to really compare School Rumble as it isn't something overly original or eccentric. High-school romcoms are a dime a dozen. Some focus heavily on the extraordinary situational comedy or slapstick and have extreme artstyles to accompany it (i.e. Cromartie High) and others focus more on learning life lessons (Great Teacher Onizuka) and even others are all about dat shipping (Toradora!) and then there are those that focus on a specific niche (MM! or Prison School).
School Rumble, if I had to say, fits nicely in between all of those. It doesn't exceed in any of those directions the other anime I've listed focus on, but rather balances all of it perfectly and makes it look convincing and believable. This, magically, greatly improves the impact all of those things have when they do show up. When you watch an epic fight scene in an anime loaded with fight scenes that doesn't hit you as hard as when you see an epic fight scene in an anime that, for all intents and purposes, ISN'T a fighting anime.

So.. conclusion?
School Rumble has no special niche it is trying to fill, and that's why it's the most special anime of them all. Well rounded out, perfectly balanced, ridiculously funny. 10/10, would watch again.
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Funny and witty even for a dumb show

This is… I have no idea how to talk about this show. The whole idea of the show is that it has one small plot and then thrusts all of the most awkward timing and puns into the show. It also has so many love triangles in it that it you never know whats going on.

Tenma is rather a dunce and can’t do most things right although she does have her times where she actually seems a bit smart (example, when she is trying to get out of the girls bathroom without Karasuma seeing her) only to have it thrust back at her. She is scatter brained and has as much sence as a bag of rice but deep inside, she has a heart of gold. She tries to make everyone happy including her love, Karasima. She is so scatter brained that when Haruma tries to confess his love to her, she doesn’t get it. She has this really interesting way of talking as though she is talking to a little kid or is herself a little kid. It’s odd because her younger sister actually acts more like an older sister then she does.

Harima is a really odd character in that he acts a lot like a bad ass and has trouble looking like a nice guy even when he is around the girl of his dreams. For instance, in the second episode, since Harima has been coming to school every day now, his classmates suspect he is planning a bomb threat! When he starts to laugh, they believe he is planning something worse. I consider him not as dumb as Tenma since he actually has street smarts but on the other hand, it isn’t that much smarter.

Karasuma is more of the mysterious side character rather then a main character. He might be the object of Tenma’s affection, but he rarly shows up in the show. He is just a silent person who sits there and blends into the background except for the really odd things he does like rides his bike fast or dressing as a Kappa in the rain.

There are so many characters that I can’t talk about all of them or I would be here all day. From Tenma’s friends to Haruma’s strange antics, this show pretty much jumps all over the place. And why do I like such a zany show like this when I hate Puni Puni Poemii? Well, for starters, this show does stop itself from time to time from going to out of control. It holds back many times while other times, the stuff feels spaced out.

Some people don’t like how scattered around this show is, pretty much like Azumanga and Lucky Star but I have to say, at least this show has some sort of plot and sticks to it slightly. I do have to say there are pretty much no adults in this show to stop them from doing stupid things. It’s really all over the place.

The art is actually pretty fun and energetic. It’s all over the place depending on the mood but the artwork never goes against the mood. It keeps it flowing till such a time that they feel its time to jerk us back from it. Sometimes it’s so detailed, and sometimes its really abstract.

The English voices are really good, making me smile. They matched all the voices pretty well to how the characters act and even some of the Japanese voices. There really isn’t much else to say about it.
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You can't rate it any less.

Randomness. Uniqueness. Depth in characters. Multiple perspectives. Hilarious timing in every situation.
Unpredictable outcomes. Dramatic. Balance of all different kinds of humor as well as romance.
Makes you feel something, it can easily move you. Realistic and (in a relieving way) unrealistic.
It just can't get any better. Take the time to watch the first episode. That's all you need.

One of my favorites!

Wish they were able to finish the whole anime series, the manga is incredible and school rumble is an amazing anime with lovable random characters

a must watch! if you are into romantic comedies or if you are into weird characters

this anime was hilarious

My Guilty Pleasure and fav!

For being a high school love comedy that is suppose to be no better than k-on, this is my beyond favorite anime on earth! It is hilarious and makes me feel embarrassed for the characters themselves. It tugs on the heart strings for me and busts my gut with laughter. It's my guilty pleasure cuz i shouldnt love it as much as i do (i've watched this subbed, dubbed, 10 times each) The first episode had me by the end and i never let go!

It's bad side is that when you get to season 2 there are some fillers that don't make sense. And another reason I shouldn't like it so much is that it never got a 3rd season! It made me so angry! But apparently it was made just not shown (found the last 2 episodes of season 3 on youtube AND I WAS UPSET WITH THE ENDING TOO!)
but all of the negatives aside i still end up watching it over and over again. The characters are lovable (the more important ones any way) and the music is terrific. The story is all over the place (like a love triangle that collided with a kaleidoscope) which i let pass from all the jokes gags bad timing and awesome animation! I really suggest School Rumble and have forced all my friends to watch at least the first 5 episodes. So don't make me bend your arm and start watching 3:)

One Of my Favorites EVER

School Rumble has lovable characters they all have development and we get to know about them individually event he minor characters get their own stories. It's random but finds it way to get back to the plot. A REAL ROMANTIC COMEDY.
It's fun and i liked it a lot