Sena Kobayakawa
Eyeshield 21
小早川 瀬那
Eyeshield 21
By Miyu Irino
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Sena Kobayakawa

He is the main character of this story. All his life he has been a bullied “gofer,” and from the day one at Deimon High School, he was picked on by a group of hoodlums. However, Yoichi Hiruma coincidentally witnessed Sena running away, forcing him to join the American football club. From that day on, he became the Deimon Devil Bats’ “Eyeshield 21,” the anonymous god speed, which was acquired through years of running errand for his bullies, that leads his team to many victories. Although at first he was forced to play, he eventually learns to enjoy football, and through this experience he was able to grow out from being a gofer that he once used to be. His position is the running back and his jersey number is 21.
Extended Information

The main character of this story. All his life, Sena was bullied by others and forced to fetch things for them as a “gopher” until the day Hiruma forces him to join the Deimon High School football team. From that day on, he competes under the secret identity “Eyeshield 21,” and becomes known for his incredible speed that was cultivated through years of running errands for bullies. His position is running back and his jersey number is, of course, 21.