Senri Shiki
Last Name: Shiki
First Name: Senri
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Senri Shiki

Senri Shiki is one of the youngest Night Class members and works as a model with Rima Touya. When the Night Class is given orders to hunt down a level E vampire, Shiki is usually the one seen out hunting the level E vampires. He has a whip-like weapon which develops from his blood.

Senri also cares for Rima and they seem to have quite a relationship. In one of the episodes he was at the Vampire ball and one vampire said that he was too skinny, when the conversation finished he turned around quite shocked to see that Rima was offrering to feed him.

Shiki's father is Rido Kuran, making him Kaname and Yuki's cousin, and his mother's uncle is part of the council. His mother was also a former actress, making the Shiki family well known. As part of a plan to resurrect himself, Rido possesses his son's body, though for Shiki to reassert himself is easier than he lets on. During Rido's fight against Rima, Shiki is able to awaken within himself and attempt to regain control of his body.

After Rido's revival, Shiki regained consciousness and after recalling the events that had taken place, apologizes to an unconscious Rima for letting Rido use his body and embraces her. He protects Rima from a servant of Rido and, as she regains consciousness, carries Rima away from the Moon Dormitory before it collapses. As Shiki escapes, he sees his father one last time before Rido's death.

Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi

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