Setsuna Meioh
Sailor Pluto
冥王 せつな
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Setsuna Meioh

Sailor Pluto is a fictional lead character in the Sailor Moon media franchise.
[Edit]The alternate identity of Setsuna Meioh (冥王 せつな Meiō Setsuna?, or Trista Meioh in the English adaptations), a college student, she belongs to the Sailor Senshi, female supernatural fighters who the franchise's main girl characters transform into to fulfill their duty of protecting the Solar System and the franchise's eponymous protagonist from evil. Sailor Pluto first appears in the second major story arc, and her civilian form is not shown until the third. She is unique among all the characters in that she is stationed at the Door of Space-Time, with the specific duty of forbidding anyone to pass through it without permission. She possesses powers that are associated to time, space, the underworld, and darkness.