Shiho Nagaoka
長岡 志保
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Shiho Nagaoka

(長岡 志保 Nagaoka Shiho)

Shiho first met Akari, Hiroyuki and Masashi during the first year of Junior High School. She is more of a tomboy than Akari (A real B-type, according to the Japanese), and often finds herself at odds with Hiroyuki, but towards the end of the 1st Anime series she starts to develop feelings for Hiroyuki, but later decides her friendship with Akari is more important. She is feisty and aggressive, yet close to Akari.

She is a real gossip fanatic, often coming up with random ideas that she titles "Shiho's News" or "Shiho's Advice". Most of what goes on in school and the students do not pass by her unnoticed. However, according to Hiroyuki, "90% of what she says isn't true." Though this is a bit of a hyperbole, Shiho does sometimes get her facts wrong.

Source: Wikipedia
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