Shingo Midou
三堂 芯吾
Death Note
By Eiji Hanawa
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Shingo Midou

Shingo Mido (三堂 芯吾, Midō Shingo) is one of the eight Yotsuba's Executives conducting the Meetings of Death, he is the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and the Director of Financial Planning. He also bears some resemblance to Light Yagami.

He disagrees with Kira's actions and is an unwilling member of the Reunion of Death, and ponders leaving the other board members. Mido "seems" to have a "sense of appreciation" for Yotsuba. A little over five months after L's death, he is killed by Light along with the other remaining Yotsuba Group members, dying of heart attack. In the Director's Cut special, he falls to his death from a top of a tall building.

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