Shinpachi Shimura
Last Name: Shimura (志村,しむら)
First Name: Shinpachi (新八,しんぱち)
Pattsan (ぱっつぁん)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kabuki-chou, Edo, Japan
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Shinpachi Shimura

He is from a samurai family that runs a dojo, only it is nearly closed down due to his father's death and the recent law to abandon all swords. Before meeting Gintoki, he worked at a restaurant, but he couldn't even manage a cash register. After Gintoki saved his sister from a loan shark, he decides to work for Odd Job Gin, in order to learn Gintoki's samurai spirit, but he soon regrets his decision. He is also the leader of Otsu's official fan club, an idol singer gaining much popularity recently.
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