Year Produced: 2005
Episodes: 24
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Asa Shigure
By Miki Itou
Type: Series
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Ten years have passed since the three worlds of the humans, gods, and devils merged. Tsuchimi Rin is a high school student who attends National Verbena Academy. He spends his time with childhood friends Fuyo Kaeda and Midoriba Itsuki. One day, two beautiful girls from the world of gods and devils transfer to his class to test him and find out which of them he will choose to marry.
Extended Information

Shuffle is a Harem, Romantic Comedy, and a bit of a ecchi series. It starts off with the main character, Rin, who is your average high school student. Rin lives with a girl named Kaede, due to the fact that his parents were killed in a accident. They lived together for years, and over these years Kaede took care of him as if he was her lover. Though what Rin didn't understand, is that Kaede always liked him like that. Since Kaede had to take care of Rin, she needs to know how to cook. Because of this, they met Asa, the head of the cooking class. Asa was also the same age as Rin and Kaede. Not to long after that, Asa became Rin's best friend, which it stayed that way until High School. Asa, same as Kaede, had feelings for Rin, but never told them. And if that was not enough, the princess of the demon world(Nerine), and the god world(Sia) both came down to earth, just to marry Rin. Of course this was a problem. Rin now has 4 girls after him, and he can only pick one. Now trying to avoid making this longer than it has to be, throughout the series all of the girls try their best to win Rin over. Eventually, things get slimmed down for Rin. Nerine and Sia both realize that Rin does not like them like that, and that he has other feelings, which after that, they start to back off. It was then Rin finally realized that it was Asa that he wanted, which he then took on a date, and she became his girlfriend. Kaede, which also liked him still, was not ok with that. She then attacked Asa, hospitalizing her(She was always weak). This forced Rin to move out and leave Kaede. Throughout this time, Asa was not getting any better, she was getting worse at that. Rin later found out from her mother, that Asa was part demon. The reason that she was so weak and sick was because her powers were building up in her and killing her. The only way she can be saved was if she used her powers, and she does not like using them. Rin then did whatever he could to get her to use them, even risking his life.
Asa Shigure (lead)Miki Itou